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Our Story

The journey began in 2017, when our team first discovered the benefits of snuffling (foraging) and the importance of its presence in our pets' lives.

We felt that if we could harness these benefits into a toy or activity, then it could be easily incorporated into our pets' daily routines: playtime, training, and even mealtime.

Not long after, Snuffle Time was born!

Since then, we have made it our mission to introduce our snuffle products to the world, so pets and owners anywhere can experience and enjoy this enriching activity.

What is Snuffle Time?

Snuffle Time involves the use of our snuffle products to create the most fun, engaging and rewarding experience for your pets. You'll get to feed their bellies and brains at the same time!

Our beloved pets explore the world through their noses and snuffling stimulates their brain. A bit of Snuffle Time is a great mental exercise and will prevent boredom, as well as provide an outlet for releasing pent-up energy or stress. Studies have shown that snuffling directly contributes to the physical sensation of relief (particularly in dogs).

Just add some treats or kibble to the product and your pet will automatically begin to snuffle for the food  it's that simple!

Introduce a new experience to your pet and make Snuffle Time a part of their daily lives.

Best wishes,

Snuffle Time Team

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