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Sensi Paw™

Plush Donut Bed

Plush Donut Bed - Snuffle Time

Sensi Paw™

Plush Donut Bed




The best slow-feeder, hands down! Now our beagle wants to eat all of her meals from it. If your pets gobble their food down, this product is for you. Fun, engaging and effective!

Amy Tan

Hide the treats well and it will keep your dog busy while alone. We used to come home to chewed paper and wrappings. Now our dog focuses his time on the snuffle mat. This is priceless for us!

Mike Roche

This is truly an underrated pet toy! I believe this will become an essential (like Kong) for all dog owners in the future. Try it for yourself and you'll understand. Brilliant!

Samantha Adams
#1 Pet Enrichment Activity
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