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Snuffle Time™

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat - Snuffle Time

Snuffle Time™

Snuffle Mat

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For the traditionalist.

We have tried, tested and optimized our traditional Snuffle Mat to offer an enhanced snuffling experience for your pet. Thick, premium felt material ideal for larger or more energetic breeds.

Improved durability

Thickly woven, chewable felt material

Larger surface area

Tall and dense pile for longer snuffles

Extra reinforcement

Redesigned anti-slip base

New safety feature

Strings can be tied to stationery structures

Our products are designed to:

 Prevent boredom 

Fun entertainment for extended periods

 Reduce stress 

Calm your pet through mental stimulation

 ✔ Encourage brainwork 

Mental exercises lead to balanced behavior

 ✔ Release pent-up energy

Healthy exertion, backed by data

 ✔ Minimize separation anxiety 

Keep your pet occupied while alone at home

Improve digestion 

Effective slow-feeder for dry meals

Just add some treats or kibble to unlock the Snuffle Time adventure  it's that simple!


Design Features:

🐾 Mimics grass to resemble the outdoors

🐾 Chewable and dust-proof felt material

🐾 Anti-slip base for snuffling in one spot

🐾 Easy to clean (machine-washable)


🐾 Please refer to our FAQ for the optimal Snuffle Time™ experience!

Product Specifications:

🐾 Colour: Black Sesame

🐾 Material: Felt

🐾 Machine Washable: Yes (Cold, Delicate)

🐾 Size: 20.9" x 15.8"


The Snuffle Time™ Effect:

Studies have supported the benefits of snuffling — the below graph depicts the effect on a dog's heart rate while walking. 

Whenever the dog snuffles, the pulse/BPM decreases significantly (even while continuing to walk).

This data suggests that snuffling directly contributes to the physical sensation of relief within dogs.

Source: Dog Field Study


The best slow-feeder, hands down! Now our beagle wants to eat all of her meals from it. If your pets gobble their food down, this product is for you. Fun, engaging and effective!

Amy Tan

Hide the treats well and it will keep your dog busy while alone. We used to come home to chewed paper and wrappings. Now our dog focuses his time on the snuffle mat. This is priceless for us!

Mike Roche

This is truly an underrated pet toy! I believe this will become an essential (like Kong) for all dog owners in the future. Try it for yourself and you'll understand. Brilliant!

Samantha Adams
#1 Pet Enrichment Activity
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